To create the ultimate rock fishing safety shoe. Rock fishing claims more lives every year then any other recreational sport.

This product has been tested and developed by anglers for anglers.




The griprox silicone rubber is uv resistant and very durable.

The new improved shape reduces strain on the chain links.

All the links are made in 304 stainless steel.



17 spikes in total.

Grade 304 stainless steel was chosen for the chains and all other links.

This metal is hard wearing and has excellent corrosion resistance.



Spending many hours on the stones leads to sore feet. Our new silicone rubber shape gives you great support but does not squash your toes nor graze your heels.

The rear cleat is split into two section to reduce strain on the chains makes the product more comfortable to wear.



Your griprox spike are sold in a heavy duty zip up bag and you also get a carabineer so you can attach them to your tackle bag.

Every pair sold also includes a free divers whistle that we encourage all to wear whilst fishing. This is a great safety tool for any injury that can occur in or out of the water.