More Comfortable Then Ever

Thousands of hours have gone into the research and development of our new Griprox spikes. Being avid anglers we have tried every cleat product on the market over the past 10 years and it was time to build the ultimate spikes.

Spending many hours fishing your feet begin to feel the strain. We wanted to eliminate the toe squashing and heal rubbing that has been a common complaint with other brands.

Our conclusion was to make a softer upper rubber that was still tuff as ever but it would mould around your foot holding you in.

Our product has also been tested on long bush walks and on snow trails.

Fitting The Spikes

The spikes are very easy to fit over your shoes. We recommend using a shoes that is designed to be used around water as these shoes are light weight and durable.

Never use gum boots or heavy duty work boots as you will struggle to stay afloat if you happen to fall into the water.

Simply pull the cleats over the shoes and do up the top straps.

Checking The Chains

Once on lift each foot and check that your foot is in correctly and the base plates align. Make sure all chains are sitting firmly and neatly around your foot.

This simple fitting procedure can eliminate chain breakage. We have used the best materials on the market to construct this item but if not fitted correctly you could be stepping unevenly and either trip and do damage to yourself or damage the cleats.

Size Chart

Size Millimeter Length US Shoe Size
Small 230 - 245 mm 6 - 8
Medium 250 - 265 mm 8 - 10
Large 270 - 285 mm 10 - 12

This is the general size guide but if you at the maximum size for any of the above sizes please try them on in the store to get the perfect fit.

The spikes must be comfortable but also fit firmly around your foot.


All grades of stainless steel will eventually rust so we suggest once back at home you half fill a bucket of tap water and simply dunk the cleats a couple of times. This will remove all the salt from the entire product.

Once washed place the cleats in the shade to dry out and then pack them back in the pouch we have provided.

Natures elements will destroy all your tackle equipment so spending a few extra minutes cleaning your gear will pay off in the long run.